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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 9: Caesarea Maritima

Today the gang is off to Caesarea Maritima.

(Whoops, I just got interrupted by Jordan who is a total cribbage fanatic. She's been under the weather all week - bummer - so we only got one game in so far. She wanted a game before the bus left. This is my best picture of her.)

When the Romans gave Herod control of Judea he didn't have a seaport on the Med. Since he wanted to communicate with the rulers of the world he founded one and created a magnificent breakwall. And, of course, he named it Caesarea. I've been there 3 times already so I'm chilling at the Kib today. The staff who are staying and I will drive over to Akko this afternoon (ancient Acre) and join them for dinner.

The bike riding is proceeding apace. I'll take it out this afternoon to get a good view of Mount Hermon. It's on the Israel-Syria-Lebanon border and is 5 or 6 km from here. The ruins of Caesarea Philippi are at its base and a ski resort is on the top. (Though you have to avoid the busted-up tanks.)

I'm hanging with Paul today, a Carthage student who is an asst square leader. He's been to CM before and is staying to work on his paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork:

Now I'm going to download the Sunday NY Times and Washington Post nto my Kindle and go sit under a tree with a strong instant arab coffee and my iPod! Heaven in Israel.

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