Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 15: End of the week

Let me tell about the last hour of the last workday of the week. Field breakfast seems like ages ago, if not yesterday. The minutes drag but wheelbarrows full off dirt multiply like the gnats that swarm in a dense cloud and bite every part of your body. Sweat evaporates in the bright Middle Eastern sun. Why am I here? Oh ya, I'm having a good time!

We found a the top of a column drum a ways down in our square today. What the heck is that doing there? It's flat so may not have tumbled from somewhere else. It's the kind of mystery we love. Maybe it was a coffee table in someone's living room?

I think the ballista we found yesterday should go to the Qiryat Shmona police museum so they can have 2000 years of weapons instead of 200.

Down the hill from us along the road we use is a rather large drilling complex. Seems too big for water, besides we have the headwaters of the Jordan. There's no oil in Israel but we are sitting on the Great Rift Valley which extends from Kenya up through the Red Sea and Dead Sea, under our valley and into Lebanon and Syria. So: it's most likely geothermal. Cool.

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  1. huh--haven't heard anything about israel using geothermal to power anything. i suppose that makes sense though, especially given their lack of oil and their neighbors' views.