Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 16: What exactly is wrong with observing Shabbat anyway?

We get the Christian day of rest off and welcome it is after a full day yesterday. Was I little cranky?

Tracy and Joey have stopped by to visit so this may take awhile. Well actually my square leader also just came by and I went off for a while and cleaned pottery. He's the fellow in front in the above picture. Our Glorious Director is on the right, he'd come by to evaluate our square and engage in pensive speculation.

As I might have said before, we are about 50 feet away from a "water feature" (a fountain?, a basin?). It has hydraulic plaster and there is a drain. A group is clearing around it and our square is an attempt to give a little context. Starting next week we are going to connect our square with theirs by a 2 meter wide trench. Just to see what we find.

It's peaceful and calm, we've had breakfast (pancakes!), I've been to the kib store, washed a little pottery and am now deciding who I might visit in a while. After lunch we are going to Bet She'an. This is one of largest Roman ruins areas in the world and an amazing place to walk around. I'll post a picture or 2 later today.

I had fully resolved, having visited Bet She'an a few times before, to continue relaxing and recovering at the kib today, but an afternoon departure and the promise of a fancy restaurant meal on the way home persuaded me otherwise. I'll download the Sunday Times to my Kindle and enjoy the bus ride. There is also a patio area at Bet She'an that overlooks the site (with a nice cafe) so I may spend more than a little time there. More anon.

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