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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 6: Be there and be square

First a medical update: The leg is healing nicely and never gave me any pain. I've been out on the bike and put in a full day today, stitches come out in a week.

OK, archaeology: Previously we cleaned most of the vegetation in the 5m x 5m square we'll be digging, put up our shade tent and gathered our equipment. Of course, I missed most of yesterday.

Today we fulfilled our ambition to be day laborers: We cleared out the top 15 cm or so, the top layer. We don't expect much there and it won't tell us much because who knows how it got there. There were the tops of a few large rocks (natural) and stones (worked) exposed on the surface and as we cleared this surprisingly large amount of earth the tops of many more were exposed. Lots of heavy material to be lifted out. There are a lot of worked stones though they are in a tumble. Maybe they'll start to mean something as we go deeper. Among them was this:

It's not a column but a medieval arab roof roller! To flatten the reeds making up the roof. Or so we were told by an Israeli expert.

This afternoon we went to the weekly flea market in Qiryat Schmona. I got 2 kilos of dates and 1 kilo of pistachios. That ought to hold me for a while.

And oh, if her parents are reading this, Natalie is doing a excellent job. A real fine earth mover she is.

And John Robinson, who is also digging in the same square, has a blog also, listed over in the left-hand column.

Turns out the director here, Andy Overman, has always wanted a bike here in Israel and for some strange reason, which I don't quite understand, never got one. I haven't seen "my" bike in 24 hours but have a suspicion where it is...

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