Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 11: Sea of Galilee

Sorry this didn't post yesterday, Blogspot problems.

We had a lecture this morning on the current, as opposed to ancient, political situation in this area. It's always been difficult! Then off to the Sea of Galilee (it's really just a large lake) on a road trip. We visited Capernaum (Kafer Nahum) where a modern church and ancient synagogue sit side by side. Then the 2000 year old wooden fishing boat with an an amazing modern history. And a swim. Of course, a swim.

In case you've been wondering why we haven't been digging, well, I waited a little for the situation to settle and people at home to be notified. Seems a land mine was found at our dig site. Not an old buried one (though there such in areas near us) but an old one dumped recently. Just vandalism perhaps? Hard to know but the police and security forces are satisfied that there are no more and it's safe to return. Parents and college administrators agree, so we will.

Safety rules will be instituted (Mainly no wandering around in the tall weeds) and tomorrow we're off to the local police station for a talk on land mine safety and recognition. Nobody ever said archaeology was boring! Just wish I'd been there when our mine was blown up!

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