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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 20: Yes We Can!

Why aren't I disillusioned by this man yet? Well, maybe a little, but what a magnificent speech today. Check it out on YouTube. It being given in Cairo I got to listen live. The blog today is All Obama All The Time. He said all the things that needed to be said, that everybody but the participants has been saying. It was a nice addendum to the Tel Hai students from last night. I think the President was channeling that conversation.

Unfortunately I had to listen on Fox (the British news channel, also owned by Murdoch, cut away right after to cover a murder trial) so no commentary that I wanted to listen to. Just as well. It feels so good to have a president interested in the middle east for something other than oil and oil.

"I believe that our daughters have as much to contribute as our sons." When's the last time that was broadcast in Cairo? I'm glad I got to listen to the speech from only a few hundred miles away.

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